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    I've been using a much older BB for just a while--device worked fine for emails but something was wrong with the internet functions. I had been waiting all summer for the Bold and, when it came out in September, I decided to wait another two months for the Storm because I didn't want to leave Verizon. After all, I had been a loyal customer for 12 years. Due to doctor appointments this morning, I decided to order my Storm from Verizon via telesales with a promised delivery date of 11/24. Gave them all the credit card info, etc., and my rep was supposed to contact me this morning about the tracking number. Guess he forgot. When I did get in touch with him this afternoon, he informed me that all the phones were sold out and that my Storm wouldn't ship until at least December 5th. So much for customer loyalty.

    Needless to say, I was very disappointed and frustrated. Still willing to give VZ the benefit of the doubt, I stopped in my VZ store this afternoon and none of the reps could tell me when they would be getting any phones in. So I tried the demo model. I should say that I type over 120 wpm on a desktop (learned to type on an old manual typewriter in the 1970s) and although not nearly as fast on a BB, I hold my own. Tried to type one sentence on the storm and was unbelievably dismayed. It is horrible. The click screen is a disaster, very slow, and I wanted to take a hammer to it. Guess it is a good thing that my Storm never shipped because I would have taken it back the next day.

    So, off I went to ATT and got the Bold. Sorry VZ, you knew the pent up demand for the Storm would be huge (based on the telesales alone) and you only shipped a few of these phones to my store in Los Angeles? Pretty poor planning and a lot of unhappy (ex) customers. Hopefully you folks on CB will help me out with the ton of questions I will have regarding the Bold in the near future.
    11-22-08 12:49 AM