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    Hello all,
    Until now I was carrying two devices. A 'regular' cell and palm pilot T|X which I love. It always bothered me that I had to carry to devices and decided it was about time to move on. On August I'll be able to upgrade my phone plan and get a blackberry. I did some newbie research and found out that I should probably wait for the Bold to come out.
    I know I'll miss some feature I got used to with the palm pilot and was wondering - Can you have your daily agenda appear on the home page without accessing the calendar?
    05-23-08 07:07 PM
  2. jimmers's Avatar
    Yes, you will need to use a Today theme and your daily agenda will show on the BB home screen..
    05-23-08 07:16 PM
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    Having been a Palm user in the past, I understand your need to have the daily agenda available at a glance. On the blackberry you can use different "themes" for your home page. The type of theme you want to look for is called a "today theme." This theme typically shows your messages, calendar, and call log or address book depending on the theme you choose. Some themes are free downloads, and others require you to pay a minimal fee.

    You will love your blackberry! Welcome to Crackberry!
    05-23-08 07:16 PM
  4. ok4a56's Avatar
    I have my today screen up, but nothing shows from my Calendar. Is their another setting also I need to change
    05-23-08 07:20 PM
  5. degilmo's Avatar
    I have my today screen up, but nothing shows from my Calendar. Is their another setting also I need to change
    If you don't have any appointments scheduled you won't have anything showing under "Calendar."
    05-23-08 07:25 PM
  6. ok4a56's Avatar
    If you don't have any appointments scheduled you won't have anything showing under "Calendar."
    Sorry I am use to the Treo showing it after the appointment started, and mine was not. I see it is working now. My bad
    05-23-08 07:28 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry. Hang out. Let the addiction take over

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    05-23-08 07:31 PM
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    Sorry I am use to the Treo showing it after the appointment started, and mine was not. I see it is working now. My bad
    You will catch on so fast! I can hardly wait for your addiction to set in... A whole new world awaits...
    05-23-08 07:34 PM
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    Welcome to CB. Stick around, you're in good hands
    05-23-08 08:34 PM
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    3 months ago I was exactly where you are - I used a Razr and a Palm Tungsten. I started with a Pearl 8130, and then 2 months later upgraded to the Curve. I'll be honest, there was initially a bit of an adjustment period (biggest challenge is that Palm's desktop mgr is way ahead of the BB's) but even that I got used to quickly and BB BLOWS AWAY Palm by a million percent!! You are going to LOVE your BB So welcome, and get ready to become addicted!!

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    05-23-08 09:09 PM
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    Welcome!!! When you do finally make the jump I'm sure you won't miss that old palm for long.

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    05-23-08 09:19 PM
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    The only thing you may miss is the threaded messaging... Other than that, BB all the way!

    = Past Treo 700p/700wx/750 user. Yes, was a hardcore treo lover.
    05-23-08 09:32 PM
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    Very wise decisions, first to switch to BlackBerry, second to wait on the 9000 and third to join the rest of us CrackBerry addicts on the site. Welcome

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    05-23-08 11:55 PM
  14. runner7395's Avatar
    Still have my Palms, T/X, T/5 and a Lifedrive. I just don't use them very much anymore. I keep them charged up but that's about it.
    05-24-08 05:09 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    05-24-08 05:40 AM
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    I just got the Curve 8330 last Saturday and I really struggled over the choice between that and the Palm Treo 755. I too am a Palm T/X user for many years and I feel it's a fantastic PDA. However I tried to keep an open mind when making my choice and it appeared that the BB was the way to go.

    I hated it for the first few days until I got all my Palm data transfered over to Outlook. Once in Outlook I had to fix the contacts because some of the items didn't transfer over. Once that was done and I transfered everything to my BB I haven't looked back. It only took me one week to get myself up to speed. Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning but I'm not looking back at the Palm.

    The Palm Deskktop Manager is a great tool that I had been using more and more. Just this past year I found myself entering more items into the manager and then doing the Hot Sync. Now that I've got everything in Outlook I feel better about it.

    I find that I enter new items into the BB and not outlook. My trust in the Blackberry Manager is not quite there yet. I did have some trouble syncing back and forth with loosing items I just entered. Now that I have everything sorted out I'll have to do a backup before I start playing with the sync. I assume it works the same way as the Palm software by updating both Outlook and the BB with the latest data?

    Well, I've rambled long enough. Crackberry is a great site!
    05-24-08 06:30 AM
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    My advice would be to go to mobile.blackberry and select fun and games/themes, and scroll down to the today plus theme and load it. You can have the messages,calendar,missed calls and applications options on one screen, and then roll the trackball to the right and you have a list of five icons sort of like the zen theme but on the right side instead of the left. Just a suggestion, I can not use it because I have 4.5, but anyway, good luck and welcome to CRACKberry, the best site on the planet for Blackberry advice and help, and applications,wallpapers,ringtones,etc....
    05-24-08 08:18 AM
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    Enjoy your new addiction i know i will ;-)
    05-24-08 09:04 AM
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    05-24-08 10:13 AM
  20. ERDude's Avatar
    As others have said you can either use a Today Theme or PocketDay, which some people swear by and others like myself don't care for so, I stay with the Today Plus Theme.

    You can always check out the free 30 day trial and decide for yourself. For me the information was fuzzy and the screen appeared clutter, reminded me of the my commodore 64 and prodigy.
    05-24-08 01:07 PM
  21. karuzo's Avatar
    To all,
    What a response. You guys are amazing with the feedback.
    I love my $300 T|X which today could have bought me a pretty descent blackberry.
    I will get a daily theme which seems to integrate all I need into the home page.
    I have few more questions, but will post under a separate thread.
    Thanks again,
    05-25-08 12:06 AM
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    i too just went from long-time Palm and basic flip phone usage to BB this week.

    some things i have done --

    i don't have outlook, but found that vista has "microsoft contacts" and that got my contacts over from the palm

    on the BB you can "menu" "filter" only two categories: business and personal, but this is enough for my contact needs.

    i am re-doing notes, as there doesn't seem to be a way to move the Palm stuff over to BB

    however, after turning off suretype on my Pearl i don't mind the keyboard entry.

    move your trackball over the app icons and you can move them to the ideal order (and hide those you don't use often)

    i set up google calendar and use the agenda view on the BB. i am surprised but after just a few days i may be able to give up DateBk6 on the palm

    3rd party medical programs seem to work just as well with the trackball and keyboard. as you probably know, all Palm touch screens end up with dead spots anyway so it's good to get away from that style of data entry.
    05-25-08 12:38 AM
  23. karuzo's Avatar
    Just to officially announce that I have migrated to blackberry yesterday. Although I was not able to sync with outlook properly, I resolved of my newbie problems. I love the B messenger - make it a snap to communicate with the wife (got her one also).
    05-26-08 07:16 PM
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    05-26-08 07:18 PM