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    Hey all, this is my first post here - and I have quite a few questions which I hope you all can answer

    I currently have an BlackBerry Pearl 8130 through Verizon. I've got my new every two currently, so I could get the Storm for $99 after the $50 rebate...however, there's SO much negative feedback about it that it's really putting me off. I could get the BlackBerry Curve 8330 for free after rebate on Verizon as well. My other option is to ditch Verizon totally and go with the Bold because well, it sounds pretty awesome.

    So, my current picks right now are:

    BlackBerry Storm
    BlackBerry Curve
    BlackBerry Bold

    The Storm - We all know that it has issues right now. However, they seem to primarily stem from the software. But, the lack of a physical keyboard really sets me off. Also, while I don't really use WiFi right now, I'll be going to South Korea next June for a year, so obviously having WifI would allow me to use one of the voip apps out there and save some money on roaming charges.

    The Curve - I hear that this is a great all around BlackBerry, however people say it's...slow? I've noticed my 8130 can be quite slow at times and it's not uncommon for me to get the hour glass or have to pull the battery on the device if I go to a memory intensive website...so, how does the Curve perform? Is it slow? Is there any way to make it quicker/improve its performance? How fast is it compared to the Pearl?

    The Bold - The flagship BlackBerry right now...I truly want this phone, but I am hesitant about going to AT&T. All I hear is terrible things about their service. Spotty 3G coverage, dropped calls, etc. (I live in the Las Vegas area atm if that helps you all). While I would love to get myself a Bold, I'm not sure if it's worth dropping Verizon for it.

    So, there it is. I hope you all can give me some insight here, help with the comparisons and hopefully help me make my choice.

    11-22-08 01:53 AM
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    You have to put your "must have's" in order first, then decide which way to go. First and most importantly in my book is the network, call quality, and coverage. Hands down Verizon has all other network providers beat in the coverage and call quality department as well as cust service. Therefore make sure you will get the coverage and call quality you want for the area you will be living and traveling to regularly. Then after you figure that out you can decide which phone to get much easier. Keep in mind that cdma networks are much better than gsm networks as far as coverage signal strengths and call quality goes. Verizon, Altel and Sprint are cdma carriers while AT&T and T-mobile are examples of gsm carriers. Don't get me wrong you can go with a gsm carrier like AT&T and probably be satisfied with call quality and signal most of the time and be fairly happy with their service but don't expect it to be what you are used to with Verizon. Another thing to concider is plan pricing among all the different carriers. This is the main reason I switched from Verizon to Sprint!!! Also because the gps in Sprint Blackberries are completely un-restricted and free to use with third party applications unlike Verizon where you are forced to pay extra and forced to use only VZ Navigator!!! Sprint now has new "simply everything" plans for much less than all other carriers... go check it out you may decide that saving a lot of money every month/year is of some importance to you as well. As far as the actual phone goes any blackberry phone is great, just decide if you can deal with the all touchscreen of the Storm or not. Touch screen is not for everybody and as much as I would like to test drive the Storm I know deep down that I would not be happy with an all touch screen phone so I'm not about to waste my time or money on it...I'm happy with my current phone. That's just my personal advice. Good luck and enjoy the blackberry you decide to purchase as they are all great phones!
    11-22-08 02:50 AM
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    Thanks for the post. I definitely know that Verizon is better, but AT&T seems to be fairly good out here in Vegas. My main concern, which I think is leading me to saying "**** No" to the Storm is that next year, I'm going to South Korea for an entire year and will be traveling to Japan and Australia in the next couple of years after that. I'll be overseas with my phone for a good amount of time.

    Now, I'm sure after two years or so I'll be ready to swap out to a new phone, but in order to keep contact back here in the states - well, I'd really like a phone with WiFi on it.

    So, that brings me down to the 8330 with Verizon, which I can currently get for free...or the Bold with AT&T which I'd be paying $149 for with a new contract.

    Now, the Bold looks absolutely stunning and I love how quick it is, how smooth the browser is and how crisp the screen is...

    But, the question is, is it such a huge upgrade from the 8330 that I should pay the $149? Or should I go with the 8330?

    I'm just torn right now. The money really isn't an issue, but I don't want to spend it if the difference between the curve and the bold isn't significant enough to warrant the purchase.

    Some feedback from 8330 and Bold users would be really nice.
    11-22-08 03:01 AM
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    If im not mistaken the Storm is a "world" device that can accept sims from other carriers in other countries like where you will be traveling. I'm not sure if it has
    wi-fi though. Look into it on the Storm. As for the Bold with AT&T you can definetely get it and call AT&T cust. support and have them give you the unlock code and instructions so that when you travel to another country you can pop in a new sim from there and have service there as well. You have to inform them that you will be traveling out of the country and they will help you unlock it. I don't think the Bold is all that much "better" than the Curve but for 150 bucks it's gotta be worth that just to try it out if not just for the 30 day trial. As for wi-fi on the Bold I don't know if it has it or not but the Curve for Verizon and AT&T does not have wi-fi. Sounds like it's either The Storm or Bold and AT&T or Verizon. If you can get wi-fi and service with the phone where you will be traveling then that's what I would go with because that will fullfill your needs.
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    11-22-08 03:20 AM
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    You're right - the storm IS a world phone, but no WiFi. I pay for the plan and the phone myself, not an organization, so being able to throw skype on there or something and use a WiFi hotspot in another country is up on my priority list. Looks like only T-Mobile has a WiFi enabled curve. However, I really dislike T-Mobile and have no interest in going with them.

    Right now, unless someone else has some other tips, it's looking like I'm going for AT&T to get the Bold.
    11-22-08 03:29 AM
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    After a quick review of the Bold and the Storm, both phones are global gsm capable but only the Bold has wi-fi. I would have to say that if wi-fi is something you will really need then I would definetly get the Bold and be done with it. It's a better phone than I expected it would be so if you can get it for 150 then rush over and pick one up from AT&T when the time is right for you. Also you can suspend your Verizon service for up to 90 days with no billing if that's something you may want to do when you travel out of the U.S. But if you open a new AT&T account then you might as well cancel Verizon.
    11-22-08 03:33 AM
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    Looks like the Bold is your ideal phone that will cover all your bases! There's No doubt it's a kick @$$ phone that you will love!!!
    11-22-08 03:36 AM