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    This si crazy i finally got desktop manager and the new tmobile 4.2 upgrade the only one they had for the 8700g handheld. once installd the phone went nuts. to a blk n wht crappy icon theme. then it wouldnt use my overlord theme anymore it doesnt have a way to select it as theme. i dunno y but all the stock ones work. is the upgrade bad? whats going on...also i cant download aim or facebook because my IT policy doesnt allow it whats that mean? how can i fix it? please some one email me on my blkbry and let me know whats up im freeking lost.
    please help!!
    10-25-07 06:42 PM
  2. DGAFSURFER's Avatar
    no my theme doesnt work period and its like re learning my phone over again, and im having some difficulties with facebook and still havent gotten aim on it what gives nothign works on these phones.
    10-25-07 07:22 PM