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    I bought an unlocked Pearl 8100 that had previously been used on the T-Mobile network. I am now using it on AT&T. My SIM card works fine in it, my address book imported just fine, I can make and receive calls, and can send and receive text messages. However, I cannot send or receive MMS messages (picture, email, etc.). I DO have a multi media plan with my cellular service, so that isn't the issue. I spent a ton of time with an AT&T rep who claims the phone seems to be set up fine, and should be working properly (it's not), have downloaded the users' manual, the software, and have done the online tutorial. None of this has helped.

    I've done a hard wipe, taken out the battery... none of that helps either.
    Under "Host Routing Table", there are no entries. When I click "Register Now" it states that registration message has been sent, but nothing comes of it. Under TCP, I have listed:
    APN: wap.cingular
    Username for APN: [email protected]
    Password for APN: CINGULAR1

    I don't know what else to do. I can tell you that I do have one message in my inbox that states, "453 Error: Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code." This came up after I did the initial set-up and tried to set up my internet options.

    Across the top of my screen it says "Data Connection Refused" and the top right corner of the screen says "Edge". I have no clue what that means.

    Any help that anyone could give me would be GREATLY appreciated. I've had this phone for a week, and am really at my wits end. It's great as a PHONE, but it was intended for use as much more than that. I'd like to be able to use it as I intended. Is there anyone who can walk me through this?

    08-16-08 01:30 AM
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    It looks like your Sim is not registered for BlackBerry service on the network as yet therefor you have edge in lower case. I suggest you contact AT&T for support.

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    08-16-08 01:39 AM
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    data connection refused means you don't have a proper data connection provisioned on your account. mms uses the data connection your provider uses for data transfer.
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    08-16-08 02:40 AM
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    I understand that I'm not ABLE to transfer the data, but I do have the capability.

    I have a multi-media plan (email, pictures, text, etc) as part of my contract with AT&T and the service rep explained to me that this would work with my BlackBerry. For some reason, the BlackBerry isn't recognizing the AT&T network. It's not logging into the internet at all.

    Does that help clarify some of the issues I've been having? I may not have explained it well in my initial post.

    Thanks again for any and all responses.
    08-16-08 07:30 AM
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    You actually need to have a BlackBerry BIS plan with AT&T in order to use MMS for any BlackBerry, regardless if it is unlocked or locked to AT&T.

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    08-16-08 08:53 AM
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    I cannot believe it was that easy. After to speaking to my THIRD AT&T rep, he finally got me on a BlackBerry BIS plan (the other two reps INSISTED that my existing multimedia package would work, it didn't), it NOW works ($50 a month later, oh well).

    Thanks for all your help!!
    08-16-08 09:58 AM