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    I log on with a User account rather than an Administrator account to my Windows XP to keep everything more virus safe. I installed the DM software using the Administrator account (since you can't install programs as a User) but when I tried to configure the Sync, it pops up with a box Titled "Intellisync" and says "Unknown Error" and will not allow me to setup the Sync process. I can go into the Administrator account and configure synchronization without a problem, but Outlook is setup up only to run on the User account, so there is no Address book, Calendar, Task List, Memo Pad, etc. to synce on the Administrator level. Even after, I hjave configured synchronization on the Administrator level and then switch to the User account, it gives me the "Unknown Error" message. How can I sync my 8130 Pearl 2 to my User account in XP?
    12-24-07 07:30 PM