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    Hello everybody i am a blackberry newbie who is shocked at how nice these things are. i am a former windows mobile user. i have owned every win mo device you can think of and recently bought the much awaited treo 800w and was very underwhelmed with it so i took a chance and picked up a blackberry curve. this was a very good move! i had no idea that these things were capable of soo much. thanks in advance for all of the info that i get about my device from this forum. peace.
    08-30-08 11:13 PM
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    08-30-08 11:15 PM
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    Hello and welcome!

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    08-31-08 12:07 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry! Enjoy the addiction
    08-31-08 12:10 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    08-31-08 07:06 AM
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    Welcome and enjoy the ride
    08-31-08 07:40 AM
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    Congratulations on getting the curve and welcome to Crackberry

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    08-31-08 07:45 AM