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    I've been a long time Palm user and on Monday of this week I decided to give the Curve 8330 a try, and while I like that it's more lightweight than the Treo 755P, there's several quirks I am getting frustrated with. Here's just a few, I'm sure there'll be more in the upcoming days and maybe (hopefully?) you all can help, as well as these forums. remember, I'm comparing against the Treo

    #1. I'd like to see a "collapsed" (threaded) view of SMS messages instead of seeing an entry for each message sent & received for that particular thread. From what I've seen in the forums, this isn't possible?

    #2. When composing a txt message (SMS) with the Treo, as soon as I clicked that Icon, I could select a user from a drop down of the last 10 (+/-) I sent a text to. I really do miss that, is that feature not available?

    #3. I figured out how to keep messages going to the message folder when I miss a call, but how do I keep a SMS message from showing up when I get a VMX?

    #4. I miss not having a separate folder for sent messages

    12-11-08 07:42 PM