1. tseip's Avatar
    Hi!! Newbie here!!! My husband and I got BB curve 8310's ... he was having issues with his so they sent him a new one. Here's our issue ... he copied the address book to the SIM card and then put the SIM card in the new phone and now he has 2-3 entries per person (i.e. 3 jane doe's) each with a respective number (i.e. home, cell, work, etc). How do we get rid of the duplicates and have his address book look "normal" again??? (i.e. one name with all numbers and addresses under/in it)?????
    10-10-08 07:01 PM
  2. Farmermark's Avatar
    Sure can't imagine how that happened unless you copied them 3 times. I hope you don't have 500 contacts because you have to delete all the duplicates manually.
    10-10-08 07:35 PM
  3. fatboy97's Avatar
    I would copy the phone number in to one primary contact and then delete the ones you copied... kind of merging them manually.
    10-10-08 07:52 PM