1. mugame9's Avatar
    Hi all! I am a newbie here. I have had the pearl with verizon for about a year, but am switching over to a curve with tmobile. Is there a way to transfer all of my backed up data such as contacts, pictures and ect? Thanks!
    09-02-08 02:15 PM
  2. maof2's Avatar
    IDK about T mobile but at us cellular they can do ALL of that right at the store .. you should check with T mobile and see if they can I would bet they can !
    GOOD LUCK ... O and your gonna love the curve !!
    09-02-08 02:23 PM
  3. traindrvr63's Avatar
    I used my desktop manager, and the help of verizon blackberry tech support, transfered all of my contacts, ringtones and most of my apps. there were a few that i had to redownload like vzw navigator. Be advised that some of your apps may not work ith your carrier. Hope this helps you. You will be more pleased with the curve over the pearl. I know i was
    09-02-08 02:28 PM