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    I just got my phone at work and want to know how I can put mp3's from my PC to the phone as ring tones.
    I also want to know what I have to do to get movies or video clips onto this phone.
    Any suggestions?
    Any programs that are safe that I should use?
    Thank you very much

    To be honest, I have only ever had one cell phone before this so I have no idea how to even download something as simple as a wall paper off this site to my phone.
    ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT...cause I obviously need it.
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    Welcome! You won't find a better BlackBerry site around for rank n00bs than CB. Make the Search function your closest friend and you will unearth a wealth of information. Remember: we were all newbies once, and we've probably all asked the same questions you have about your BB, and had them answered handily here.

    First, you will need to install the latest Desktop Manager software onto your PC. Please check with your IT department to make sure that there are no settings that might disrupt their configuration of your device.

    Second, you will need to download and install the latest device-specific OS/application package for the 8800. These are the apps and files that the Desktop Manager looks for when connecting with your device.

    Once these are installed, connect your handheld to the PC with the USB cable. Let your PC detect it, then launch Desktop Manager.

    Before you can load music and video files you will need to install a memory card and enable it in your settings.

    The Media Manager application will allow you to transfer files DOWN to your phone, or UP to your PC. Alternately, you can turn Mass Storage Mode on and use Windows Explorer (assuming you're on a Windows PC) to drag and drop.

    Once you've moved some tunes onto your Pearl, go into your Notification Profiles options to set your ringtones. When you look at the list, you should have a Browse option at the top of the list. Select that, then dig to your memory card.

    As for "safe" programs to use, many of us favor JiveTalk for multiple IM accounts like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, etc... Empower and BBSmart both make HTML e-mail enhancers, Google Maps is great, and there are so many more! Check out the CrackBerry.com Store, Software, and Downloads sections.

    Remember: you've still only ever had one phone. You're now the proud owner of a CrackBerry, and you're among addicts, uh...I mean friends!
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    Once you're comfortable with your phone and can surf the WAP web, try going to a few free sites. Downloading from WAP sites is the easiest way to get tonez and wallz. Welcome!
    08-22-07 07:42 PM
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    oh my, this was SOOOOO helpful!!!! I'm finally able to transfer my music from the SD card I had on my Treo to the MiniSD for Hobson and Lillie!
    08-22-07 07:45 PM