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    Just got the Storm. Used Set-up wizard and set up my Gmail and my Blackberry e-mails. Am able to get new e-mails from both of those. Now my question:

    I use Outlook at home, it downloads from my gmail through POP. I use Gmail via web portal at work. I used to use a Treo and could create sub folders to my inbox and file messages into those sub-folders. None of my three access points (Treo, Home Outlook, Web Gmail) were synchronized and all had different sub-folders. Now that I have the Storm is there a way to get everything in sync? If not, can I at least sort stuff on my storm? All my new e-mail dumps into the email inbox on my Storm and I can't seem to find a way to sort it to keep track of everything. Move finance stuff to one folder, work stuff to another, family stuff to another, etc... By the way, like all of us these days, I have a ton of mail from my work and from my family/friends already sorted on these three machines. Is it going to be easy to update everything.

    Sorry the question is so long....just have no idea how to make it happen and have read a million posts that hint around things but nothing that brings it together.

    12-10-08 10:33 AM