1. blackberrylady's Avatar
    Is ther any way to select contacts in Outlook and only send some to the address book on the Pearl. I really don't need or want everything in Outlook on the phone, but really hate the idea of having to enter the ones I do want. Is there a way to enter into the address book from the computer, it would be quicker for me if I could use the full size keyboard if I do have to re-enter stuff.
    Otherwise this is an awesome phone!
    09-08-08 12:46 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Address book entries are typically very small. Synching the whole address book is simpler than trying to pare it down, and you'll have all your info all the time.

    Unless you have an unusually large address book, synching the whole thing to your Pearl won't take any significant space. For example, my 962 entries only use 182kB memory.
    09-08-08 01:26 PM