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    Im not really a newbie (Ive been using Blackberries for many years now and converted my wife over from PalmOS to an 8830), but I figured Id stop by and say thanks. Crackberry helped me wipe my old 8700 when a bizarre corporate policy allowed me to install apps but not remove or upgrade them and I wanted the latest Google Maps. When I was looking into a Storm Crackberry helped me figure out the pros and cons. When I got my Storm Crackberry helped me find neat apps. And when I got bored Crackberry helped me upgrade to (2 days before .141 was announced but I havent bothered to try that one yet!). When I installed Ubuntu on an old laptop it was a Crackberry post that got my tethering to work. Because of this it was from Crackberry that I ordered a Seido case, extended battery, holster, and desktop cradle (which all work very nicely together unlike the Verizon silicone sleeve, cases, and cradles).

    The Storm, for all its quirks, is still a great smartphone. Not as email-friendly as a Bold-style BB is with a nice physical keyboard, but a much better multimedia device (Orb is fantastic!) and once I got used to the typing Im almost at the speed I was at with my 8700. Ive found that syncing with Google on both the BB and my home PC apps is a better solution than syncing the Berry and home apps directly but to each his own. I cant wait for the Storm 2 and the one feature Id love to see on it is WiFi.
    05-05-09 06:26 AM