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    My phone is here ... my first Blackberry and I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT !! I am on T-mobile USA and as of this morning I still don't have internet. I have email and BB messenger and BB mail and texting and I don't know if I have GPS, it picks up the signal but because I don't have internet I don't know if I will get maps .. AND .. I am working with an AWESOME support person who is trying to figure out how to get the BB browser to open .. She got the rest up and going, but couldn't get the interent. She said that maybe my settings just haven't all taken place yet and it is possible to check email first before the internet starts working .. whatever .. I think I can use Opera and she is going to check with other techs and call me on Thursday night to see what's what .. My question is a 2 parter ...

    1. I left my desktop software disk at the office and I haven't installed it on my home computer .. Is there a place I can DL Opera from ?? Is installing similar to a Windows Mobile device ??

    2. Is there somewhere I can get the BB desktop software from ?? To download that is ?? I am playing sick today [cough - cough] and not going into the office..
    09-24-08 09:14 AM
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    Yes first go to blackberry.com and in downloads u can dl the destop mngr, as for opera I am not sure if they have a desktop dl but just go to there website to find out.

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    09-24-08 11:11 AM