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    I just got my Blackberry for my companies email. All my Lotus Notes information (contacts, todos, journal, calendar, email) are replicated via wireless and the BES I believe. My question is around synchronizing other data such as files, ebooks...

    I previously had palm and Windows Mobile. So previously I synchronized over serial cable or USB. Just wondering if there is any synchronization I can set up that will not stop the BES replication. This would replicate other data. Wireless synchronization would be best but over the USB would be OK to.

    Currently I am replicating from the SD card using SyncBack and the Blackberry's media storage mode. But this is cumbersome and manual.

    Thanks in advance
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    11-13-08 01:24 PM
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    You can install Desktop Manager and connect via USB. Once DM is installed and the proper USB drivers are in place you don't even need to open DM, just connect your BB and use Windows Explorer to move to and from your SD card.
    11-13-08 01:45 PM
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    That is what I am doing now. I'd like something more automated and Wireless would be even better.
    11-13-08 06:59 PM
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    Hi All,

    I have a Verizon Curve and I synch with my Outlook contacts list. I have just made several changes/updates to my Outlook contacts. When I go to synch with my curve, should I have it set to synch both ways even though I have some of the same contacts on my Curve not updated?

    Sorry if this is confusing!


    11-19-08 02:26 PM
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    Hey Abastien, welcome to CB!
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