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    Currently my settings must be set to letting my phone be in charge of my Outlook, because if I delete a "contact" on phone, it is deleting it on my Outlook on my PC also. I don't want it to be this way. There are contacts and such that I want on PC, but do not want on phone. I have searched and searched and can not find out how to delete stuff on phone, but not on PC.

    I'm newbie at this and have been reading the "helps", but I'm not finding it.

    I'd love it if I could find information on this area, so I can learn. Appreciate any assistance.

    Take care,
    07-13-08 06:25 PM
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    usr your desktop manager to back your berry up. it will save your emails contacts messenger list etc. i try to back up 2x a week. if you lose your info buy a new berry then u use the dm to restore cool function
    07-13-08 07:51 PM
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    There are only 3 ways to sync as far as I am aware. I don't sync on BB but assume it is the same as other syncing. Two way sync (entries on one end missing from the other will get copied to the end missing them), desktop overwrites handheld (any entries on the desktop that are missing on handheld will be copied to handheld and any contacts deleted on desktop will be deleted on handheld), and handheld overwrites desktop (any entries missing on desktop will be copied from the handheld and any entries deleted from the handheld will be deleted from the desktop). The only way I see of maintaining contacts the way you describe is to not sync contacts at all and manually edit each list as needed.

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    07-13-08 11:33 PM
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    Welcome to crackberry.com newb!
    07-14-08 03:17 AM