1. denesaruth's Avatar
    Hi! After getting my work email and personal gmail to both come to my BB quite nicely (which was probably way harder than it should've been, but yay, it works great now!), I'm onto the next hurdle. Is there an easy way to switch 'off' my email from being sent to my BB? When I'm sitting at my computer, with my phone right next to me at my desk, it is a bit redundant to have the email coming to both devices. But I would like to receive email on the BB again as soon as I leave for the day, or am working from home, the road, etc. I have an 8130. Thanks!
    10-02-08 02:44 AM
  2. bx2md's Avatar
    go to BlackBerry and on the bottom left hand you will see it say email set up then go to vzw then sign on then go to filters and go from there hope that helps
    10-02-08 05:43 AM