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    Thought I would be a good boy and post my first thread at the newbie section.

    I recently successfully (!) upgraded my Blackberry Pearl to OS4.5 (way too scary for it to be a frequent event) and then on the Pearl downloaded and installed Google Maps onto the phone (i.e. nothing to with Desktop Manager). I was trying to install a piece of software onto my blackberry via Desktop Manager and I noticed that the "action" Desktop Manager also wants to do is to downgrade Google Maps. I am presuming this is because the previous version of Google Maps I installed with my previous version of OS was an older version. Question - how to I prevent Desktop Manager wanting to downgrade Google Maps

    many thanks

    12-03-08 06:56 AM
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    I don't think it will actually downgrade it. I've seen this a couple times when using desktop manager and then when I went to the next screen where it says what actions it is taking it said no action needed.
    12-03-08 11:27 AM
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    This happened to me as well; with docs to go. It said downgrade next to it and i either had to click that or remove. i was adding bb maps to my device.

    It DID downgrade my docs to go and i lost sheet to go. i found out after (on here of course) that i could have changed the file name and it would not have downgraded.

    i'm not too upset as i don't use sheet to go often. Let me see if i can find that thread that helped me. Maybe you can apply the same technique.


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