1. aayers's Avatar
    I originally had a Motorola Q (I think original version) before inheriting my current 8830 - both with Verizon. I never really had issue with the Q and I understand they are much better now.

    My company is switching to Sprint and I will actually get a brand new phone this time (instead of my boss's hand-me-down) and I get to choose what phone I will have. I can't really wait for upcoming models as this change is happening this month.

    If you could have any phone Sprint offered with the company footing the bill what would you choose?
    11-10-08 08:36 AM
  2. E Pow's Avatar
    My personal 2 choices would be the Curve or HTC Touch Pro. Both are great stable devices. Sprint doesn't have a huge selection of smartphones. Both phones are brand new for Sprint and you wouldnt go wrong with either. It would just be a matter of rather you want a Windows mobile phone or a Blackberry. Hope this info helped you out.

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    11-10-08 08:46 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    The HTC Pro is a no-no. This device is a brick. I held it in the store and felt like I was holding the world. It's pretty thick as well. The Q, lol! Enough said.

    My choice: Blackberry Curve. My reasons is reliability, great security, best email, great 2mp (aside from the brick's cam) and good video record, and BB Messenger.

    11-10-08 09:08 AM
  4. OldTimer's Avatar
    Check out the Curve, it is light as a feather, long lasting battery, great email and plenty of add ons for it!
    11-10-08 11:17 AM
  5. aayers's Avatar
    looks like it is a new curve for me.

    Thank you.
    11-10-08 01:10 PM
  6. greg24's Avatar
    Yea def go with the Curve

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    11-10-08 01:55 PM
  7. attaji123's Avatar
    I'd suggest the curve as well. I've had most of the smart phones offered by sprint and the curve comes on top. I actually did technical support for nextel blackberries at one point lol. Oh yeah stay away from nextel berries.
    11-11-08 11:36 AM