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    I will be geing my BB Pearl tomorrow. I need to set it up with Sprint. First, I have a family plan with my wife who uses a Palm phone. Sprint offers the BB service for $30. I already get internet with the family plan plus for an extra $5 I get unlimited texting ($20 for both of us or $15 for her). So what do I get for the $30? I have one main e-mail account. It is just that my mail comes as soon as it is sent to me? What other benefits do I get. Thanks, I am new at this.
    01-01-08 09:53 AM
  2. orle8050's Avatar
    Here is the Sprint $30 Blackberry Data Plan:
    This pack is perfect for those who want to get their personal email on a BlackBerry without needing to access a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The BlackBerry Pack includes:
    BlackBerry Internet Service - Set up to 10 ISP (imap/pop3) email accounts.
    Sprint® Navigation - Get UNLIMITED directions, see and hear your progress on a moving map.
    Unlimited web browsing/search.
    On Demand - News, sports, weather and more.
    Unlimited text messages.
    Unlimited data access.
    Also, available exclusively on the 8130 by BlackBerry:
    Sprint TV - Watch CNN, FOX Sports, Disney Channel, The Weather Channel, E!, NFL Network and Sprint Exclusive Entertainment.
    99¢ Wireless Music Downloads - Wirelessly download your favorite songs from the Sprint Music StoreSM for only 99¢.
    Phone as modem is available for $15.00. Please contact customer care to add this to your account.

    You can not use the $5 plan you have now especially if you are going to take advantage of the rebates for the device "A BlackBerry data plan of $25 or more must be purchased along with the handset in order to receive a mail-in rebate."
    01-01-08 10:09 AM
  3. renegade37918's Avatar
    and you'll be a proud blackberry owner and become elite..
    01-01-08 10:58 PM
  4. pa-c's Avatar
    I bought my 8130 on EBay. new in the box, no contract. Are there rebates?
    01-02-08 02:48 AM
  5. orle8050's Avatar
    The rebates are through Sprint. Don't know if you would qualify if you didn't buy the phone through them.
    01-02-08 06:57 AM