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    First, whatup everybody! Name's Tom...

    A little background... I used to have the Treo 700w when it first came out, I believe in '05 or '06... I didn't much care for the internet on it so I decided the smartphone price for internet/data on Verizon ($45 I think it was?) wasn't worth it, so I switched and got an LG enV, w/ the VCast and VZ Navigator and etc.

    My enV is now on its last wheels (turns off on its own randomly and for no reason), and so I started looking for a new phone and that's how I found out about the Storm, and consequently the CrackBerry World! And just browsing around here, with all the software/apps, along w/ the word-of-mouth things I hear about blackberries, I'm sold on owning one... and I just CAN NOT wait for the damn Storm to be released!

    Anyway, I go to school full-time but I also just started delivering pizza part-time at two different Papa John's stores (3 days a week at one, 2 days at the other), so having to learn two different areas at once, I use my VZ Navigator a million times a week dropping off pizzas at houses!

    So I saw some "emobile navigation software" or something like that in the software section on this site, and I also read through one thread talking about a few different navigation apps (ie: Garmin). So my question is: 1. As a Verizon customer, do I still have the ability to pay the one-time $100 charge and get the garmin navigation app on my Storm? and 2. if so, would you guys recommend that over VZ Navigator or other navigation apps?
    09-22-08 11:34 AM
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    Anybody w/ any Verizon navigation knowledge??

    Any help appreciated!
    09-22-08 09:17 PM
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    Hmm. I guess I can't say definitively whether or not garmin will work, seeing as the storm isn't released yet, but my guess would be that yes, it will function fine. VZNav is a good app, you just need to decide whether you want to pay the $10/month for it.

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    09-22-08 09:21 PM
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    Thanks jenay...

    So do you know whether or not Garmin would work on your Verizon Curve? If so, I'd assume it would work on another Verizon blackberry, especially a newer model... I've just heard things about VZW 'locking' GPS (not sure what that means), so I didn't know if these other navigation apps would work on a Verizon BB...

    And I would like to quit paying the $10/month for VZNav if I were able to find a one-time fee navigation app like Garmin, if it were as good or better than VZNav....
    09-22-08 09:32 PM
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    When you hear people refer to vzw locking gps, they are simply saying vzw forces you to pay for vznav instead of having the ability to use gps for free as these devices were meant to do. I have never used garmin, as google maps works fine for me and works off cell tower triangulations. Vznav is an excellent app and, if you use gps regularly, is worth the cost. I know that garmin does work on vzw bb devices, so my only assumption would be that garmin will work on the storm.

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    09-22-08 09:36 PM
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    i would pay the 10 bucks also ...it works good
    09-22-08 11:14 PM