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    I plan to switch from a Palm Centro to either a BB Storm or BB Curve (on Verizon). I rely heavily on Outlook 2007 on my desktop. Forgive me if this is a repeat question...I am trying to determine if there is a way via included BB software or a 3rd party (paid or free) software to sync ALL (i.e. multiple phone numbers, multiple, e-mail address, notes, categories, etc...) of my Outlook 2007 desktop data to either of the above mentioned BB devices? Any help before I make the change would be greatly appreciated.
    11-16-08 06:53 PM
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    I can only speak to contacts and calendar syncs, which work with outlook via the BB desktop manager. It will automatically sync which ever way you set it. I'm fairly sure you'll be satisfied with the BB.

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    11-16-08 08:52 PM
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    I see all my Outlook address info; all phone #'s; contact notes; all calendar entries with early reminders, single and/or multiple occurences (Though not those created as a task from an email); My outlook notes... I can't think of much else I use. It's pretty darn good. It's not an exact mirror but I'm sure pleasantly surprised. The synchronizing / replication is flawless so far.

    Hope that helps

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    Try searching the word "outlook" by title, you'd be immersed in hits.

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    Thanks for the informative reply. I will check out the Crackberry section you recommed. Your help is appreciated.
    11-17-08 11:23 AM
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    Thank you. Your help is appreciated. It's good to know the included software covers at least the basics.
    11-17-08 11:24 AM
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    If you have Outlook at work, with MS Exchange, then autosync of Outlook is very simple, and $ if you go the BES route. If you have BES, EVERYTHING you do on your BB will go thru the BES. YES, this includes all your web browsing, downloads, emails etc... EVERYTHING. If your company elects to restrict any of this "not business essential" they can thru the BES. BES = Blackberry Enterprise Server.

    If you have Outlook at work, with MS Exchange, you do NOT require BES to sync. You can setup gmail account and via Google setup to autosync your BB with gmail/calendar. Now purchase any of the $25 utilities that run on your desktop (running Outlook, either with or without Exchange) and that will sync your Outlook to Google. This is clunky and maybe involved for some, but for those of us that don't want work participating in our every move (let alone dictate) this is an option.

    If work issues your BB, likely it will include a BES setup. There are $ fees for related licensing.

    This sounds like alot, but simple when you think about it.

    Good luck, Tom
    11-18-08 02:30 PM
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    Great info Tom

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    11-18-08 02:58 PM