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    Hello everyone, I've had my pearl 8120 for almost a year (due upgrade next month) and discovered this site last week. Its been a great help and I had the urge to upgrade the os to 4.5 from 4.3, why did I not leave alone! Now the pics of my son that I set as wallpaper cannot be set to "fill screen" as that option is no longer there. Fit to screen is but that is not the same, also web pages are viewed differently, some better mind and some worse. And my mail seems to be slower coming through. I can view youtube now but its terrible streaming, is this common on the pearl due to screen size or are there options to improve it?

    How hard is it to change back to 4.3 or should I sit tight and try to learn my way around this os?

    Sorry for the rant, don't know why I had to change it really but you know what us gadget freaks are like!

    Oooh one other quickie, I was all set to get the bold but is the screen really smaller than the curve? I prefer the feel of the curve but if I am signing up for another 18 months I don't really want to be getting an "older phone".


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    10-23-08 10:39 PM
  2. ninja please's Avatar
    well, I just got a curve a few weeks ago, and it might be an "older" phone but with all the updates it's just fine. personally I don't like how the bold looks or feels in my hand, I prefer the curve because it just seems better.
    10-23-08 10:47 PM
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    Yeah that's what I think too, I read on here there is a new curve coming out soon, the javellin? Anyone know how long before it hits the uk? With the curve, can you see thumbnails of your video clips when you open the folder?

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    10-24-08 06:09 AM
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    Curve II or Curve 8900 is rumored to be releasing sometime in November. But without a peep from RIM that may be pushed back. I know I am waiting here on T-Mobile for it! It will certainly be worth waiting for as it has more memory bigger screen (Curve 8900 480x360, Curve 83XX 320x240, Pearl 8120 240x260) and the 4.6.1.XX OS.

    With regards to your questions about the OS on your 8120, which app version did you upgrade to?
    10-24-08 06:18 AM
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    I upgraded to 4.5 I think, gradually finding my way around it. Its just silly things like getting the email settings back to giving me the options of delete, delete on mailbox or handheld rather than just delete, I have just managed to sort that one! I may hang on for the new curve then, I was really keen to get the bold but I dont want to get one if the new curve is going to be out soon and I am on a 18 month contract.

    Thanks for the replies
    10-24-08 09:28 AM
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    With the curve, can you see thumbnails of your video clips when you open the folder?

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    not on mine, it only lists the name of the file. photos have thumbnails though.
    10-26-08 12:14 AM
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    Welcome aboard. And thank you for your rant. Its things like that which keeps me waiting for the official release.

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    10-26-08 12:17 AM