04-20-09 12:33 PM
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  1. kmr3800's Avatar
    Hi all addicts,
    I had my first 8900 abt 3 weeks ago and I wonder why I wasted all my previous years on pocket pc's and nokia's. What a waste.
    I'm totally addicted like u all to CB and BB. Have added loads of new apps and games and loving the BBM and sharing my location on latitude.
    I think all other phones should be dumped !!!

    BB rulz !!!

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    03-28-09 12:08 PM
  2. weezygeezy's Avatar
    welcome to CB!
    03-28-09 03:41 PM
  3. jcd559's Avatar
    I've had my 8330 for about a week,upgraded from an instinct, what a piece!!! Man I love this phone. Its been nonstop tweaking. My wife is actually jealous of my bb. I surfed cb for about two weeks before I purchased my bb. She thought when I got the phone I would get off the pc. No such luck now I'm constantly looking for new things I can do to it. I'm either surfing the web on the pc or my bb. I'm afraid to leave it alone for fear she might do something to it lol. Not really but the thought has crossed my mind

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    04-01-09 04:58 PM
  4. llp92's Avatar
    I've been looking around here as well trying to figure out if it was really worth it. Then yesterday I finally got a blackberry. It hasn't left my hand yet, even when I'm driving. (Probably not very safe..) I have a feeling I'm never gonna go back

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    04-04-09 11:42 AM
  5. nmn19's Avatar
    i have had a blackberry for quite sometime now but just started crackberry and im tellin you what i cant seem to ever leave this site. haha either on my laptop or rite from my phone. Deffinattly an Addiction!!
    04-13-09 04:36 PM
  6. gniss39's Avatar
    I was lurking on the forums the last two weeks and was getting more addicted after reading every post, there was no way I could wait for the Niagara. Got the 8330 and am loving it! Got my BSE today and my holster which increases my awesome BB experience that much more

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    04-13-09 11:03 PM
  7. MiMoC's Avatar
    An Informative Piece Edited To Demonstrate The "Addiction".

    In the 1980s (2007-2009), a new drug( site) emerged. Because of its cheap cost(CB Is Free) and quick and intense high, crack cocaine (Berry) quickly gained popularity among users, especially in poor urban areas (The Internet). Within two decades (Years), the crack had exacted a heavy toll, leaving serious physical and emotional side effects not only on its users, but on entire (Internet Rival) communities and on the United States (World) as a whole.

    This Here Is Serious Stuff Folks, Hope U Learned Something, Information Is Power Pass It On.

    "Trust Me, I'm A Registered Noob"
    04-19-09 07:08 AM
  8. garvicad's Avatar
    Welcome to CB
    04-19-09 10:45 AM
  9. heyprettylady's Avatar
    That was great!

    I got my bb curve on friday and can't put it down. Already made way too many wallpapers and ringtones!

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    04-20-09 11:38 AM
  10. TheRock420RVD's Avatar
    Yeah, getting a blackberry was one of the choices I made, add me to your bbm if you want. 31D025C3

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    04-20-09 12:28 PM
  11. BooYaa9050's Avatar
    Kiss your free time goodbye. They don't call it "Crackberry" for nothin'.
    04-20-09 12:33 PM
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