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    I'm so addicted to my new BB after 3 weeks I can't even tell you. I've even bookmarked 5 BB-related sites on my Laptop.

    But, I have an SMS issue and I SMS A LOT. On my previous Verizon phones (LGs all the way) I was able to text to my heart's content. If I went over the 160 char. limit it would create another "page" and I'd be ok. My last phone could have up to 6 "pages" of 160 characters each. When I'd send these messages, Verizon users would receive them as one looooooong message. Everyone else would have it split into 160 character blocks (luckily most of my friends are Verizon)

    On my BB though, 160 is the hard limit.

    Is there a way around this? An option I can;t find to enable a similar functionality like my old phones? A new app that replaces the normal messaging system? And, what will happen if one of my non-BB using friends sends me one of these longs texts from their phone that works like my old ones? How will it display? Will it?

    I read a work-around to use MMS instead of SMS but I fear that that may charge the recipient with receiving a Pic/Video message even when it's just text. And the one test message i sent simply sent a letter "t" (instead of the full message of "testing something, did this come through?" so that's not going to work

    Thanks in advance, sorry I'm so wordy
    05-13-08 12:14 AM
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    Sorry there is no way around this. The only other possible solution is to email. And if you have that much to text, maybe you should just give the person a call.
    05-13-08 12:16 AM
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    True, but sometimes that's not an option. So, nothing? Hmm, first downside to an otherwise great device
    05-13-08 12:20 AM
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    Well if you don't believe me you can use the search tool and read the 2 million other threads that ask the same questions.

    BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com - Search Forums
    05-13-08 12:37 AM
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    Welcome to crackberry!!!
    05-13-08 07:27 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    05-13-08 11:21 AM
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    I'm so addicted to my new BB after 3 weeks I can't even tell you. I've even bookmarked 5 BB-related sites on my Laptop.
    Another newbie here *waves* and I'm totally with you on this one!!
    05-13-08 01:32 PM
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    Welcome to the crackberry family...
    05-13-08 02:50 PM
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    my bb adds pages when i go over 160 and it goes up to 6 pages, does the pearl not do that?
    05-13-08 03:04 PM
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    It is time to convert your friends to getting a BB with the invite to the accommodation of Hotel CrackBerry. Then y'all have the luxury of IM (BB messenger or Jivetalk) You gotta share the love! :-)
    Welcome to the Crack!

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    05-13-08 04:20 PM
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    I have read somewhere that if you send it as a picture message or mms it will work. I have not tried it but you may want to give it a shot. Welcome to the crack.

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    05-13-08 04:24 PM