1. zerofunction's Avatar
    I finally took the plunge and updated phones. I went from a Samsung flip phone to the BlackBerry Storm on the Verizon network. I've had it for about a week now and am utterly astounded at the device. I never knew what i was missing. From the BB IM to the e-mail. I do it all on this phone.

    I just started downloading apps that i find interesting, via the BB App store & CB App store. I've got UberTwitter, Berry Wars, Field Towers and Berry Labyrinth along with Facebook and Myspace. I'm tempted to download some new themes but still searching for the right one.

    I found a few bugs so far, nothing really big. Which was expected. But so far, i'm in love. I never really caught on to this whole smartphone fad but wow. Im addicted.

    Also loving the Crackberry site. Just now looking through the forums and seeing some interesting post. So with all that being said i hope to be posting soon.

    Thanks for reading and talk at you guys/girls later.
    06-17-09 03:45 PM