1. Jake02496's Avatar
    So not long after I took my BB out of the box I experienced my first problem.

    I'll be doing stuff like watching Sprint TV or using the media player, when all oF a sudden the voice dialing thing will pop up.
    All by itself!
    I know it's not the convenience key either, because one of the very first things I did was set that one to 'media'

    So basically the gist of my problem is that voice dialing pops up to say Hi whenever it fancies.
    Not the biggest problem, I enjoy the spontaneity, but sometimes it just shows up at most inappropriate times.

    I'm thinking about getting CrackMem and just telling the bugger goodbye for good.
    Any other way to fix this?
    Sorry for the long winded story.

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    02-09-09 12:54 PM
  2. rubenO's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!!!
    Did you set BOTH side keys to something other then Voice?
    05-08-09 03:23 PM