1. Tricky's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    I just got the Curve as an upgrade from a Treo. So far, lots of great features. One thing I'm really not used to is the "push email" feature. On the Treo, I could set it so that I could just receive emails when I asked it too - this was a big data saver.

    I've set up as a single user without the redirector, and emails come in fine - but my concern is that my data use will rocket up to the stratosphere (I probably get 100+ emails a day). At the same time, I'm chained to a desk most days, so really don't need to have email go to the Crackberry all the time.

    My questions are:
    1) Am I getting dinged for all data that goes through (I'm on Rogers if it makes a difference), or only the messages I open
    2) Would I need to use Redirector to have the option of stopping it from checking all the time? I don't think I have it set up this way, but after reading the forums, I'm wondering if I should. I'm a single user, no BES at my company and my computer is on pretty much all the time.
    3) Or would this crank up my data charges even more?

    Thanks gang - any advice is greatly appreciated!

    09-24-07 10:28 AM
  2. audit's Avatar
    If your on the unlimited data plan then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise yes you can get slammed on data charges.

    I'm not familure with the Redirector as I'm on a BES for work and use BIS for my personal accounts and have unlimited data so I don't get slammed with overage charges.
    09-24-07 10:37 AM