1. renniks's Avatar
    Hi Guy's,

    Is there a silent button on the keypad you can hold down to silence your BB??

    Or does it have to be done in the options??

    Thanks in advance,

    12-04-08 11:16 AM
  2. resq330's Avatar
    If you go into profiles and set it to quiet then come back to the main screen and hold down the # button it will send it to vibrate. Then hold it in again and it should put it in quiet. And so forth...
    12-04-08 12:22 PM
  3. renniks's Avatar
    Does this work with the Curve? Thanks for your reply it is appreciated!
    12-04-08 02:30 PM
  4. Andy1850's Avatar
    I set one of the buttons on the side to go profiles. from there i can go from normal to quiet/vibrate.
    12-04-08 02:36 PM
  5. resq330's Avatar
    It should work on the Curve. Your welcome. Hope it works for you.
    12-04-08 02:43 PM
  6. PvT's Avatar
    Yup just like Resq330 says... "the # key" or the same key is "Q" for quiet (easy for dummies like me to remember) .

    That's what I do... otherwise I navigate to my profile icon if I want to make it totally stealth so it don't do a rattlesnake on the table
    12-04-08 06:15 PM
  7. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Hey Renniks welcome to CB!
    12-04-08 09:10 PM
  8. renniks's Avatar
    Thanks for the help and the welcomes Guy's, totally appreciated.
    12-05-08 05:22 AM
  9. rusty2663's Avatar
    Curves have a mute button on the top of the phone, that's what i use.
    12-05-08 07:59 PM
  10. joe003's Avatar
    12-05-08 08:10 PM