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    Ok, so my family (me, mom and dad) all got blackberrys about a week and a half ago. My dad and I love them, using them for all kinds of stuff. My mom on the other hand, hasnt even set up her email, and I think she is thinking of turning off her data package. Im a little ubset, because I think she could really get a kick out of her blackberry, but she doesnt have the time to sit down and "play" with it. She needs step by step instructions on how to do things, which I understand, but dont have the time to do with her, (she works late and cant use the internet, only emails, at work). I would like to cut and paste her some things to get her intereted in the power of her blackberry (pearl). Can you guys offer some guidance?
    04-24-07 01:06 PM
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    First of all whilst you are a BB user, it has to be said it takes time for other to follow, if they ever follow. But dont push it too much, invite her to keep the data plan atleast for what its worth.

    Secondly, there are some tips sheets which i can get you or infact i think Kasper might have a better link to. Tis will give her some helpful tips to follow and once she knows how the basics work, more will come.

    Dont be mad about it. I am not sure what your situation is but maybe sit yourselves down together...and have a Blackberry Session.

    I am always picking up tips and stuff.

    04-24-07 02:03 PM
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    In my opinion...

    FIRST: Set up her blackberry messenger and explain that all 3 of you can talk to each other whenever using this fantastic instant messaging feature. Show her how it works!

    SECOND: Let her know she can use up to 10 email accounts to access work email and personal pop3 accounts whenever.

    THIRD: Show her how she can customize her toy by switching themes, wallpaper, and ringtones. I showed my mom this stuff and it opened her eyes to this thing being more than just a "computer." She really liked it!
    04-24-07 02:07 PM
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    **EDIT: Made thread title more descriptive**

    Also check out Stinsonddog's Blackberry Tips
    04-24-07 05:16 PM