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    I have my phone unlocked Got the update package from orange uk to say I'm using blackberry,I installed the software from Blackberry website and I THINK not sure that my phone has updated with the new os in my phone,could anyone tell me where that is think under status not sure.

    The thing is trying to set my email up when i try to set it up it says the pin has been used already and when i try to use existing user i use my hotmail email as login and password it then says it will send it to my blackberry device but not what I'm doing wrong.

    Could anyone tell me what's going on.

    I have used the pin number and imei or the information it asks but it says it's wrong.

    Thanks again
    09-05-08 06:51 PM
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    It says also that An aaccount already exists for this pin how do i change the pin or where do i find out about it?

    Me again

    09-05-08 07:00 PM