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    Hi I am a new Blackberry user. I have a question, I set up my blackberry.net email account. I want to get my earthlink.net account to forward copies of my email to my phone. Do I go online to earthlink webmail and then forward it to my blackberry.net address and check enable forwarding? Or should I add another email account of the earthlink.net address and will it also send the copies of my email to the BB and send it to my online account as well?
    09-24-08 01:19 AM
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    go to your carriers bis website (A quick search of this site will find the site for each carrier). Once you log in you can directly add your earthlink email address and it will push out your emails to your device. the forwarding thing would work too, but you wouldn't be able to reply to emails with you earthlink address on your berry
    09-24-08 01:45 AM
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    BTW welcome to the addiction that is Crackberry!!
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    Welcome to crackberry.

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