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    I love this website. I use it when I get the chance, which unfortunatly lately has not been so often. I love reading into other user's affections towards Blackberry phones.

    That has nothing to do with what I wanted to know though..

    What I was wondering is:

    Is there a way to view only all of my previous posts? Cause I haven't been on here for awhile and I wanted to follow up with my last post but I can't even remember where I posted or what I called it... I just remember it had something to do with Converting videos and then watching them on my blackberry. And I'm too lazy to do a thorough search since I'm so used to instantaneous gratification.

    If there is a way, someone please take the time to reply to this and let me know, or just email me the answer: [email protected] that way it will be sent straight to my phone and I wont have to keep checking back here, thanks. or you can just reply here cause I'll end up checking back here anyways when nobody e-mails me, thanks.
    11-08-07 09:55 PM
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    On Top left side of Forum you can go to User CP and then to subscribed threads.

    Or click on your username name and you would see:
    Find all posts by bryanberry
    Find all threads started by bryanberry
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    11-09-07 05:04 AM
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    Thanks Solachica! =)
    11-09-07 08:38 AM