1. kawesleton's Avatar
    I'm new HERE but been using BBs since 2005. Tried about 20 other phones, always return to BB though, for better or worse...

    Mine all seem to be great for 7 months then overnight die. I have been an I'd theft/hacking victim forever,
    And I am not a rich person at all so why I am targets NO IDEA!!!

    But here's my problem: I am unable to charge my former BB at all and I need the contacts, notes, etc. Badly. I do have BB's backup app but it never helped me so far. I could either pay another $60 to fix the USP port or but an old but rarely used BB 9000, switch from Boost to ATT... I did the latter.

    Now I"m waiting for 4 days to get my ATT package to get this 9000 able to call and text and email etc. I'm doing it wireless right now, and that's only in like 2 small areas.

    Is there a batter/charger I can but to charge up my last BB without using the broken USB port at all??? I still have 3 weeks of prepaid time on it... If so, what do I need to buy, anyone recommend where, and price range?
    Or anyone refer me to a place that will fix my USP ug AGAIN but not for $60, as that lasted a whole month...

    BTW no sim card in that BB model. And the contacts not stored on my mem card.

    How is the BB 9000? Should I plan to use it as.a temp until I can afford a much more relaible and powerful model?

    anyone know how I can hack into my own system???

    Any help appreciated...
    09-15-12 05:13 PM
  2. TangoDango's Avatar
    Hey, im not sure about the USB port unless you have insurance on the phone. The easiest think to do for now is buy a battery charger which is where you take the battery out of the phone and plug it in or buy a new battery in the mean time(which aint worth it). The battery chargers are usually 10 and so is a new battery approx.
    09-15-12 05:21 PM
  3. PestPro#IM's Avatar
    BB 9810, How do I set up for the READ, DELIVERED. To show up when someone reads one of my e mails or messages.

    Waiting for the BB10 GO RIMMMM
    09-24-12 06:23 AM