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    Both my 8130 Pearl and Dad's 8330 Curve, when you are doing something on the BB, be it on an application or sending a text or whatever, the screen always after a few seconds dims down from bright to a not so bright contrast. It doesn't turn black or off, just dims down while in the middle of doing something. It doesn't really bother me, but it does Dad. I figured since it was going on with both the Pearl and the Curve it is a battery saving tactic on all BB's. ??? Could be wrong, but that is my guess.

    My question, for Dad, is.....can you adjust a setting anywhere to keep that backlight from dimming down at all or at least adjust the period of time it takes for it to dim down???

    11-24-08 09:19 AM
  2. Csummerlin15's Avatar
    EDIT: Scratch that.....I should have looked before I asked that question for him.

    Options, screen/keyboard, automatically dim backlight (on/off).

    Got it. I normally look before I ask to see if I can figure it out myself....but was being a little lazy when I posted, then decided to look.

    O'well....maybe it will help somebody else.
    11-24-08 09:21 AM
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    Actually, Like your Dad, I was wondering the same thing so it appears you have helped him and me (and probably thousands of others)..........THANKS!
    12-13-08 10:48 PM