1. ilovepizza's Avatar
    I have a blackberry curve 8310 and i was wondering if there was any way possible to save some of my texts not just on the phone but also saving them thru email. I tried forwarding the texts thru email but that didnt work and i also sent the texts as a mms and it said there was an attachment for it for there was nothing..haha..but i was just wondering if there was a way possible for me to do that..i tried them individually and that didnt work and i treid them from the date that the texts started thats at the top and tried sending them thru email and that didnt work...if anyone can help that would be great...
    08-15-08 11:31 AM
  2. srplummer's Avatar
    You can forward them as emails.
    While in messages: Highlight messages>Menu>Forward As, then choose email.
    08-15-08 11:35 AM