1. GoF#CB's Avatar
    I'm having trouble accessing my vzw.blackberry.net email account. I used my new Curve to create the account and gave a username and password, and received the notification that I'd be able to receive emails in about 20 minutes, as with my GMail account that I had set up earlier.

    When I followed the directions to disable email notifications from GMail and got to the Verizon BIS email page (from my PC) it wouldn't allow me to log in even after the 20 minutes had passed. When tried to open a new email account at that page and entered my PIN it said that an account had already been created for that PIN. So I figured that I'd input my password incorrectly on my Curve so I entered my PIN to have the password sent to my Curve. The message I then received said that a user name and password for that PIN did not exist. It seems I'm stuck then.

    Please excuse the long first post, I just got my Curve yesterday and love it. Thanks in advance for your help,

    10-02-08 04:31 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Call VZW and see if they can set it up for you.
    10-02-08 04:41 PM