1. Crae22's Avatar
    Ok.. so I tried to download a ringtone from Verizon and it says my phone does not support. I do not have a "get it now" function and when I try to get from Verizon on my BB, it doesn't work either. It wants me to sign up for VCast. Any way for me to just download one or two songs?
    I am unable to do off my computer because I have a mac. I can not even open the getting started CD I got with the phone.

    Also.. I downloaded MySpace and the icon is not showing up. I check in my applications (options, advanced options) and it shows there but I can not find it elsewhere. I have taken out battery and turned off and on a couple times. I have also deleted the app and then reinstalled.

    Please help, thanks!!
    12-04-08 02:43 PM
  2. resq330's Avatar
    Why don't you try Myxer.com?

    Not sure about the Myspace app. I haven't had any problems.

    And welcome to CB!
    12-04-08 02:48 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    If you have a BB data plan, you can email yourself the ringtone. If you have a media card, you can enable mass storage mode in the media card options. Then you can use it just like a USB storage device.

    Try uninstalling/reinstalling myspace.
    12-04-08 02:50 PM
  4. Crae22's Avatar
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled MySpace a few times. I am hoping it might just magically appear soon. Lol.

    How can I email myself a ringtone? Sorry... so new. I know how to create on in itunes and you used to be able to just turn on bluetooth and send it to your phones. But Apple wised up and now charge you .99 then you can only send to an iPhone.

    I am going to need to invest in a media card, aren't I?
    12-04-08 02:57 PM
  5. resq330's Avatar
    Yeah, you surely need the card!
    12-04-08 02:58 PM
  6. DAS112463's Avatar
    get rid of your mac
    12-04-08 03:57 PM
  7. The_Adonis's Avatar
    I don't know what kind of Blackberry u have but if u have the Storm check the downloads folder.

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    12-04-08 07:00 PM