1. kamm1688's Avatar
    So I have read a couple posts on here that talk about the ringtone volume and how to make it louder on different phones. My husband and I both have the 8330 Curve from Sprint and have our downloaded ringers to the loud profile and have the volume all the way up in that profile and still arent happy with what we are hearing.
    What is this about the OS 4.5? I am still very new to all of this so I am not sure how to make all of that work and what I would need to do. Any help is much appreciated!

    09-08-08 11:35 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Upgrading your OS to 4.5 is not difficult, but it is not trivial either. It will be much easier to do, and you will be much more likely to be successful, if you first get some basic familiarity with your 8330. A good way to do that is to perform the CrackBerry Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig. Created by Forums Moderator Reed McLay, it will show you how to install your device OS on your PC, (which you have to do to upgrade your OS) and will help you optimize your free memory. It's a terrific tutorial procedure. Once you've done that, and understand what's going on, upgrading your OS will be much easier.

    I don't know if OS4.5 will fix your volume issue or not, since I have a different device.
    09-08-08 02:32 PM