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    Goood Morning, all -

    Quick question here. I was going to upload a couple ringtones to the gallery CrackBerry has here, so others could enjoy them - problem is, I wasn't able to find anything on Rules related to that.
    I have one that contains a single swear - it's a swear in a funny context, but swearing never-the-less. I know not everyone here is 18 or older, and there is no "adult humor" section listed within the ringtone page - SO:

    Before I do something embarrassing, could someone tell me, or point out where I can find out if this is considered "ok" or not. Maybe I just missed it, but figured I'd ask beforehand. Don't want to be a d**k about it - D'oh!
    sorry- "dork" just kinda slipped out.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-10-08 10:14 AM
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    DC, not sure what the answer to your question is, but wanted to commend you for taking the time to find out and do it right!
    10-10-08 10:18 AM
  3. digital_cataclysm's Avatar
    Thanks, gregmar -
    Figured It'd be better than just going ahead with it & Bannination comes at me later.

    If a Mod or someone "in the know" responds, I'd also like some similar guidelines on Wallpapers here - what's ok, what might be considered- um, "improper". (No, of course I know PORN is a no-no - I'm thinking about things such as copyrights & such. I do *most* of my own graphic design for wallpapers on my mobile devices - but others might also like to know where CrackBerry stands on any issues related to ringtone/wallpaper submissions & general guidelines).

    10-10-08 11:22 AM
  4. digital_cataclysm's Avatar
    Well'p, after digging a bit, I found the "terms & conditions" page located at bottom of Home kinda offers up what I was looking for.

    I'm posting this just on the off-hand chance somebody else was wondering about the general rules for content on ringtone & wallpaper uploads. Best I could find.

    "Reviews, Comments, Communications, And Other Content:

    You may submit comments and provide other content so long as the content is not obscene, illegal, threatening, or defamatory and so long as the content does not invade the privacy or infringe the intellectual property of a third party."

    So cursing & swears are out I'm lead to believe. Guess it depends on the individuals definition of "obscene" - but play it safe other than sorry?
    There is a bunch of information related to copyrights and intellectual property too, worth the read - at least for those of us planning on contributing to the gallerys.


    If there is other information a Mod or someone could pass along, that'd be appreciated. Until then, then!

    10-10-08 03:11 PM