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    I have a 8320. Is there any way to set ringtones such that anyone who is not in my contact list, has a specific ringtone? (Or done another way, set everyone in my contact list to have a non-default ringtone unless overridden by a user-specific ringtone?)

    Or failing that, is there a way to hack the contact info so I can mass-edit custom ringtones? I have a large contact list and not enough patience to set the same "custom" ringtone for 90% of them using the phone's buttons! My main goal here is to be able to decide whether to ignore calls -- especially from people I don't know -- when I'm driving or busy without having to reach for and look at the phone.

    Or.. is there anything for Blackberrys which will announce the number (or contact name if known) for incoming calls? I'm a recent convert from a Windows Mobile device and I do miss that feature from MS Voice Command.
    Haven't found an equivalent for Blackberry; hoping someone here will know.

    Thanks for any info.
    01-02-08 12:59 PM
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    Wow. I guess you could make a default ring tone with no exceptions for your 90%, and then go in to the 10% and set a custom ring tone for those. I guess it would be easy if you have fewer than 100 contacts, but if we're talking 1,000, then it'll take some time.

    I should add, go into profiles -> advanced -> menu key -> edit -> phone. Then do your default ringer. After that, go to the contacts you want to have a different ring tone that you will answer, and change that information on their profile.
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