1. ssakamoto's Avatar

    I am somewhat new to the crackberry nation and I wanted some ringtone advice. I want something other than the standard ring but I don't want one that actually plays the song. I think what I am looking for used to be called polyphonic ringtones but I am not sure. As far as I can see Verizon, my carrier, doesn't allow a blackberry device to download ringtones to the device. A google search left me with thousands of website options and that got frustrating.

    Any suggestions.
    11-12-07 04:56 PM
  2. sunnnshine99's Avatar
    try funformobile.com and phonezoo.com ... you really dont want a polyphonic tone right??? (polyphonic reminds me of a kid's toy phone) if you dont want a song (with lyrics) go for something classical...
    I'm sure you'll find something you love!
    11-14-07 04:39 PM
  3. nippaz's Avatar
    if you are comfortable with audio files enough on your computer, you can download free utils to cut snipbits of songs you like and use those as tones. i understand verizon doesn't allow for it, but i believe there is a way to trick verizon servers into allowing it

    once you've got your tone, you have to slowly kick down the quality (bitrate) below 1 meg i believe. once that's done, save it and then rename it as anyfilename.mid and email it to your phone in the following format

    [email protected]

    hope this helps
    11-15-07 08:16 PM