1. vespoid's Avatar
    I have been an ardent subscriber to the Android school since I first laid hands on my Motorola Droid (A855.) When my dad said that our phone upgrade credits had come in, I naturally did some cursory research and came to the conclusion that the Motorola Droid Bionic was a fantastic device and asked him to order it for me. Almost immediately after it came in the mail I began getting headaches from the screen. I tried to get used to it over the following week, but yesterday I returned it to Verizon.

    Having donated my Droid 1 to my little sister, I was left with minimal options. I could get a new phone from Verizon now, which I didn't find to be a very attractive option with the Droid Prime rumored to be announced soon. I decided to take over my dad's newly replaced Storm 2, which I had used occasionally in the past and found to be satisfactory but by no means exciting.

    So far I've been disappointed by:
    • Keyboard
    • Gmail
    • Facebook
    • SMS (I used handcent with popups on my Droid)
    • Browser
    • no widgets
    • underwhelming app selection
    • notifications not visible when in apps
    • I have to press the menu button to do ANYTHING!

    The Pandora app is well designed and usable, and so far Google Maps has been working ok but no turn-by-turn.

    If anyone has a suggestion to make this Storm 2 more bearable for the next two months for an android addict, I would be much obliged. I'm sure I'll be posting elsewhere trying to androidify my hand-me-down crackberry
    10-11-11 11:37 AM
  2. meshell024's Avatar
    blackberry and andriod are totally diff and as a storm its a touch phone but it still a blackberry, i have had iphone andriod and i always come back to blackberry. im not much of an app user but the new facebook app is pretty much the same as the iphones facebook app blackberrys are ment for communication work emails ect not for apps. if your an app lover you really wont like a blackberry.
    10-12-11 12:31 PM