1. Georgem's Avatar
    I thought this was a bit of a newbie question thus why i post here.

    On my 8800 when i get an email the light on my BB turns red, as it should. This is very helpful if it is on silent and you want to know if you have any messages without getting your BB out of its holster! (say your in a meeting)

    The problem i have is; that if i dont read the messages i have occumilated over a short period of time, lets say 30 minutes, the light goes back to green. Even if i have 10 unread emails.

    Is there a setting on the 8800 to change how long the light should show red for? I find this problem to be more annoying than anything else.

    Thank you for you help in advance!

    06-28-07 05:36 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    Nope, this can't be changed. Sorry.
    06-28-07 10:54 AM
  3. Georgem's Avatar

    06-28-07 10:57 AM