1. luckyskulz's Avatar
    Dah newbie here...but I have a couple of questions. What is Email Reconciliation?? Also, I have a 8320 BB Curve & I want to get a media card for it. Basically my phone is "stock," I've added a weather app here & deleted that video it came with, but that's about it. I've never upgraded to a 4.53.569.23355 blah, blah, blah (no disrespect-I'm just technology challenged in some areas this being one) & when I look under options it says
    v4.2.2.180 (platform My question is how do I know what size media card to get? I want it mainly for pix & ringers. B4 u say it-I can't save my pix to my computer because ahh...shock...I don't have one! I use the comp @ work, but it's not solely mine. About how many pix do those little things hold? Any help is greatly appreciated-love the CB community!! Thanks guys!
    11-05-08 04:46 PM
  2. luckyskulz's Avatar
    one more thing!!! How come I can't see utube videos??
    11-05-08 04:53 PM
  3. greg24's Avatar
    ok as far as the media card goes it will only support up to a 4gb on 4.2 os. as far as youtube videos go you have to be running os 4.3 or higher
    11-05-08 05:04 PM
  4. guvnuh's Avatar
    Newb here, I can't believe how miserable I was with with my Palm device. No I am trying to get up to speed so I can make use of this beautiful phone (Curve)
    12-10-08 01:21 AM