1. selee05's Avatar
    had my bberry for 2 weeks now and everything was working fine until yesterday. i was awaiting a couple important emails from people yesterday and was wondering why i did not receive them. i went on a computer to check my gmail and i had over 100 messages that were not sent to my bberry. the thing that threw me off was that i had still received many new emails on my bberry.

    i checked my gmail settings and everything is ok there. i then deleted and re-entered my gmail account into the bberry server but my problem still existed. as a test i've been sending messages from my bberry email account to my gmail account and i say only 1 in 3 get delivered to me. as a backup, i've installed the gmail app, but it is annoying to have to open that app up every time to check email.

    anyone have any advice for me? also, is this a blackberry problem, gmail problem or at&t problem?
    06-30-07 09:26 AM
  2. great_scott312@gmail.com's Avatar

    I'm having the same problem...Did you ever solve this?
    12-07-07 06:10 PM