1. wtjunky's Avatar
    I want to change over to a Blackberry and an Uncle gave me his old one but it's under Verison but my cell phone is with Sprint. How can I go about changing the phone over to my Sprint service so I can start using it?... or isn't this possible. Thanks for the help.
    11-26-08 08:50 PM
  2. resq330's Avatar
    Its best to go and ask sprint if it will work with their network.

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    11-26-08 08:56 PM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    It will not work with Sprint. Sprint will not activate any phone that is not Sprint branded. There is no work around for this either.

    Your best bet is to try to sell it to someone that has Sprint as their provider.
    11-26-08 09:10 PM
  4. schaidshaw02's Avatar
    Sell it to someone that has Verizon as their provider and go and use that $$ to but yourself one that works for Sprint. You'll be glad ya did
    11-26-08 09:54 PM