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    Please forgive the ignorance. I'm looking into getting my first BB and would like some input.

    I am excited for the Storm to come out. Although, I don't think I would like the touch screen BB. A co-worker has the Curve for Sprint, and I play with it everyday.

    Now, I plan on checking out the Bold at the AT&T store because I like the way it looks (not a big fan of the bulkiness though). But I am not switching to AT&T service because they are horrible in my area.

    My question is, if I like the Bold, are there plans for a similar version on Verizon? Also, is the Curve getting an upgrade?

    I know details may be slim at the moment, but I just want to know which phones are coming out for Verizon so I don't get hyped up over a phone and find out it's not coming to Verizon.

    Thanks for the help
    11-15-08 05:48 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    8900 ( new curve ) is RUMORED to become a CDMA stronghold, but nothing except the Storm is known for sure at this time.
    11-15-08 05:50 PM
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    If you are looking to stay with Verizon, then the only options available are is the Curve and Pearl and soon the Storm. Since you do not like touch screens, you can rule that out.

    The Niagra (codename for the CDMA version of the Curve 8900) has not hit the FCC, so do not expect within the month or so. In fact, don't even expect for Christmas until you spot an FCC approval.
    11-15-08 07:05 PM
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    I wasn't expecting any news right away. I expected til the buzz around the Storm had died down that new info would be released about the latest Verizon BB.

    Basically I'm just trying to find out which BBs for Verizon I should pay attention to, as we know those are for certain coming out for them. It's just hard to know exactly which is which with all these code names and whatnot (Jupiter, Javelin, Niagra, etc...)
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    11-15-08 08:04 PM