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    Hi All!
    I've had my Bold for a little less than a week, now. It's amazing. But I have a small list of questions to ask.

    1- I've installed OperaMini and initially it worked great. The past few days, whenever I go to a page, I cannot enter any text into a field. (like a user ID or password. As soon as I click in the field it takes me to a page that says "Enter text 5524" (the number might be wrong, but I think it's right). Any idea why this is or how I fix it? I really like the browser a lot better than the default BB browser.

    2- Where can I find themes for my Bold (AT&T if that matters) with the "L" layout?

    3- As mentioned above, I have AT&T as a carrier. Unfortunately the ER I work in has ZERO reception for AT&T. Everyone else (with Sprint/Verizon/Bill's mobile phone and varmint killing company) has access, I do not. We do have Wifi throughout the campus. I can access the internet on the wifi network, no problem. Is there a way to make calls or send/receive text messages too? If so, how do I do this?

    4- We are travelling to NJ at the end of the month. Our fantastic calling plan will not apply there. (We have a plan called the UnPlan- originally from Suncom-; it is basically unlimited calling from our area 24/7. When we're out of our home area my wife and I share 300 minutes in calling. In pst years tis was no problem as we had crappy little phones that were no fun or excitement at all. But now, we're crackberry addicts. Does anyone know if texting or checking email/messages will be applied toward our 300 minutes? (How?) Also as an FYI we bought an unlimited data/internet plan when we got our BBs plus 200 text messages a month, too. Do these have a regional constraint?

    5- I saw that the Bold has applications for spreadsheets/word documents, etc. Is this anything like the PocketXL that used to be on my old pocketpc? If my wife has a spreadsheet that has phone numbers in it, are these numbers able to be dialed by clicking on them and selecting dial? (It's a spreadsheet of her contacts)

    Thanks for any help on this. Inquiring minds want to know!
    11-17-08 09:24 PM
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    Congrats on your device....

    1- I would remove the app and reinstall it.

    2- Point your Bold (with bb browser) to onThearm.com mobile site

    3- Skype (the are others, but I find this to be the best.)

    4- No the data/messages do not effect your minutes

    5- Docs2Go
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    11-17-08 09:46 PM